The Year that Claps Back

Updated: Feb 16

The Year that clap backs is the year of 2021, and that is because of year 2020. Last year definitely brought a lot of eye openers, but it also brought a lot of unprecedented times, and unpredictable outcomes, that's why 2021 is going to clap back harder than any other year. 2020 was the year that should have prepared us for what is to come in the following years, and also teach us that we should not have all our eggs in one basket, but that we should be invested in ourselves more than we are invested in the assistance that the government provides, including our income tax money. When it comes down to the bottom line, it need to come together, and support each others small businesses, goals, and achievements, and stop looking at each other as enemies, because that is not how we are going to succeed in life, you don't succeed by putting another individual down. You succeed in life when you lift another person up, and they start winning, and they bring you along for the ride, and to win with them.

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