Move on

"Right person, wrong time" we've all used this line before, but every relationship can't be the right person at the wrong time. As humans we make excuses as to why we must bring issues from the past relationship into new relationships, and why we still have feelings for our exes, but in reality we have no kind of justification, we just have excuses, and here's the honest truth, your excuses don't excuse you, never have, never will. So what must you do is what you're probably asking yourself, well here's your answer, you must move on, stop holding on to something that isn't there anymore, and if you're talking to someone, and they aren't giving you the same energy and time that you are giving them, move on from them too, because it's obvious they aren't ready for a relationship, but there's a catch to that last part that I said, and here's the catch; If you are talking to a businessman who is always busy you should keep him because you know that he will be successful, and I mean a legit businessman that follows all the laws, but if you are talking or dating a person who don't have a job, and plays video games all day, then sis/bro you know they not too busy to respond back to you, so you need to move on. This is why I said that, when you get with someone the purpose of y'all being together is so that y'all can build each other up, and push each other to do great things, so if they aren't doing that then you need to move on.

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