Come on

So many people saw what 2020 was like, and saw how it ended, and brought in 2021, knowing that something had to change, but yet they decided to become comfortable once again. There's a problem when you decide to stay in your comfort zone, especially after life has shown you what it can hold, and bring, but yet so many people want to put all their eggs in one basket, and the moment that basket gets empty, they cry help. Come on, you knew what you had to do from the start, but you refused to do, you knew that you were to start investing in things that would make you money, but instead of doing that, you spent money on things that don't bring you any kind of income back to your pocket, so my question is are you going to keep spending money on things that aren't helping you, or a small business that you know personally, or are you going to continue spending money on the PS5, newest iPhones/Androids, and latest pair of Jordans, Nikes, and/or Yeezy's? At the end of the day, the decision falls back on you, so what's your decision going to be?

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